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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Searchers Find Missing Out Of Town Skiers

Think skiing inbounds at a ski resort can't possibly be dangerous or cause a life threatening problem? This little story of 5 lost skiers occurred this week at Powder Mountain Ski Resort, which you all know is my favorite outdoor area. These 5, out of town visitors got turned around and ended up just 200 yards below the lowest lift that would have taken them back to the lodge and civilization.

They did survive a cold night with no fire or heat and were rescued pretty early the next morning after being located by a helicopter crew. That's the good news. The could-have-been-worse news is that they were headed downhill- down a canyon that doesn't reach civilization for more than a dozen miles! If they had known where they were on the mountain, there were two warming shacks with heaters back up the hill just those 200 yards at Paradise lift base.

Anyway, thanks to the Search & Rescue folks for their efforts and well done to the 5 visitors that kept their wits and survived a night in the winter mountains without injury. Watch the video at the link for a really good view of my favorite ski resort and to hear the whole story.

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